Initially, it’s a funny story how I came to develop a website for the first time. Back in high school, we had to have a website for our band, to make it look like professionals. Well, step by step I learn the basics.

I kept on learning new tools, new languages and new best practices, because since 2007 we’ve all grown up and technologies too. Thanks to excellent websites and blogs – Net Tuts was one of my favorite – I was able to stay in the trends. I then heard of the Stanford podcast on iTunes U to learn iPhone developement (not yet called iOS at this time remember). So I learn the basic for the iPhone OS 2.0, then, next year I followed the OS 3.0 lesson and so on with the iOS 4 one.

My spare time was dedicated to learn how to develop, because in the college space I went to Classes préparatoires like we call it in France. To went to a Engineering school specialized in Civil Building.

I’ve got a Civil Engineering degree now, but I’m planning on making my living with building apps and websites and not buildings.